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Market research is a matured industry today wherein the primary need is to implement faster, newer & more practical ideas in work style which:

  • Ensuring Quality implementation basis research & field norms.

  • Fact Indepth offers a control system, which aim at rectifying control irregularities & ensuring quality work.

  • Providing synergy though transparent, unbiased feedback on ongoing assignments quality of delegation& execution) as well as overall report on completion of Project.


We have to provide consultancies in brand image creation by providing common tools, methodologies by implying effective marketing advertising strategies and all.
Fact Indepth recognizes that brand owners and retailers need a deeper understanding of people’s We also provide consultancy on purchasing and sumption behavior and how they respond to the stimuli they receive. Through Continuous Consumer Panels, which accurately record changes in people’s behavior over time, we help our clients maximize their business opportunities and maintain a competitive edge. We reassure our clients that their business run’s using the most reliable data. By using the same data as their retail or supplier partners, and competitors, they can ‘argue the argument, not the data.


  • Ad IM is an advertising pre-testing system which evaluates an advertisement's performance, using unique and powerful diagnostics to show how advertising can be optimized.

  • Our Ad IM suite of products can be tailored to each stage of the advertising development process, whether at the strategic and concept stage, anima tics, or for fully developed creative work.

  • The highly sensitive Ad IM response scale is unique in focusing on both the rational and emotional aspects of advertising, ensuring that our clients have a complete understanding of both the strategic and creative elements of their campaigns.


Our survey, research, and evaluation teams are adept at gathering information from hard-to-reach audiences and out-of-the way places. We work closely with clients throughout each engagement. From focusing a study to handing over a final product, we keep clients informed and seek fresh information to guide adjustments. We report our methods and our findings actively and in different forms. Success means that our work is clear and responsive and that all relevant views are considered. Working in close partnership with clients enables us to achieve.


The organization has personnel policy that elaborates on rules and norms related to leaves, TA and DA, salary structure, Career Plan of the employees, Capacity Building of employees and so on.  Fact Indepth has Committees and Core Team consisting of external consultants as well as members from the organization.  These Committees review the progress of the organization and assist the Director in taking important decisions. Purchase Committee, Disciplinary and Ethics Committee, Vehicle Maintenance Committee, Project Review Committee etc are functional.  There is a Core Team of Consultants of international repute who assists the organization in project implementation activities.


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