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Fact Indepth started its journey of reaching the unreachablbie and serving the most deprived 6 years ago. In its attempt to reach out to those who are considered a social liality, it began making tenacious efforts to transform these individuals into social assets. We continue to build our capability to see our efforts reach the desired end. Fact Indepth, believing in promoting the culture of transparency and trust, has built up a team, internally and externally.
Fact Indepth Has Two main divisions :

1) Social Division

2) Market Research division
The crosscutting issue of HIV/AIDS has been able to innovate in resource material development, capacity building of partners in health, survey research, and studies on abortions, reproductive health and maternal health, and its implementation and training to the health staff of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The emphasis during 2008 will be mainly on networking, advocacy, and research on health on health issues, while increasing our coverage of providing health benefit to mother and children. The organization, in last few years since its inception is constantly working on developing sound systems for monitoring of organizational activities. We believe that once systems are in place, the actual implementation of any task becomes smooth and hassle free. A systematic organization does not have much difficulty in running its regular activates and maintaining quality of its work even in situation where there is turn over of staff, which is unavoidable to some extent. It also reduces the burden of constant monitoring as every one follows the systems.
The Perspective :

Market research a matured industry today wherein the primary need is to implement faster, newer & more practical ideas in our work style.

The Objective :

Ensuring quality fieldwork implementation(basic research and field norms) Ensuring overall quality & cost control and to identify new method of cost efficiency Standardizing norms for common platform(viz. field processes,etc) across field centers Offer a control system which will aim at rectifying control irregularities and ensure quality work.
Provide a standardized working culture all across the country by setting certain norms and parameters Our prime responsibility would be to provide synergy through transparent,unbiased feedback on going assignments(quality of delegation and execution) as well as overall report on completion of project

Fact Indepth Continues To Focus On Its Two Strategic Areas:

Data Processing :

The Entire Process is divided into three parts Data Entry which is normally done on FoxPro or D Base Programming for which SPSS package in Dot version is used Presentation(tables etc) is generally done on Excel or Power Point Approach Oue Clients can be benefited to. Develop better products & Services Build more powerful brands Implement more effective marketing and advertising strategies. By Providing Cultural sensitivities. Market sector expertise Common tools, methodlogies and standards.
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